Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Husband Cheating At Apple Store?

We encourage reader mail, and today would like to share this letter from Concerned In Connecticut:

Dear Kitty:

My husband, a long-time Dell user, lately has been spending most evenings and weekend afternoons at the Apple Store. He has given up golf and let his subscription to Penthouse Letters expire. He says he's just testing the iMacs and the new MacBook Air, but I'm concerned he may be having an affair at the Apple Store. Do you think I should be worried?

Concerned In Connecticut

Dear Concerned:

It's perfectly normal for Dell users to shop around when their applications get a little sluggish. However, I would definately suspect an extramarital affair if your husband can't get his browser up at home or complains that your screen is always frozen. In these cases, he may indeed be going to the Apple store to get his hard drive spinning.

Kitty Couric

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Anonymous said...

Wise men think alike..Fools seldom differ,Basically guys you never know until you confront him ,and if it so Ask your self the big question why he switch to another woman review how you look ,how you talk ,how you react to thing watch Dr Phil then see by your self ,
other option follow him to apple store stay away until he leave and if you manage to use the same mac check the history ,Temp file or something like that good luck
and remmeber It's easy for a man to find another woman but it's not easy for awoman to find a descent man ..Act today only tomorrow is too late .
God bless all..